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2024 Texas State Poet Laureate 



In Amanda Johnston's debut collection, Another Way to Say Enter, readers are offered glimpses of scenes as if peering through windows and doors. Bright and sharp, precise in their Imagism, Johnston's poems distill moments to their essence, challenge notions of what it means to fully examine a life day by day, room by room. These poems are both visceral and spiritual, reminding the reader that entry, departure, and the inevitable return is a journey that must be felt, not just imagined. -TD, Argus House Press



Johnston’s poems apply just the right degree of salve and just the right degree of fire to our current American wounds.  A beautifully crafted, fierce and compelling voice.


- Toi Derricotte



It's Expensive

It’s Expensive features new visual work from Austin poet and artist Amanda Johnston. For this show, Johnston created and photographed herself wearing headpieces made of objects that represent the mental and physical burden of capitalism, and the results are stunning. 

- Glasstire, Texas Visual Art

Right: "Mo Money, Mo [     ]" by Amanda Johnston 


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